Static-Dissipative Footwear Testing Station

  • Simple to install and operate
  • PASS / FAIL indication with audible alarm
  • Contact closure for access control interlock
  • IP65 enclosure for control panel
  • Includes sole plate and cables

Designed to check the condition of static-dissipative footwear, the Sole-Mate is a user friendly device which tests for continuity and resistance from the operator’s finger to a floor plate each time the wearer enters a controlled area. If the resistance of the shoes is too high, the Sole-Mate will indicate failure with a red lamp and audible alarm. A green lamp indicates a pass.

A relay contact can be used for access door or gate control to the hazardous area, and an accessory Resistance Level tester is available for periodic verification of the upper resistance threshold.

U.S.A models are calibrated to the ASTM F2413-05 standard Types I & II, while alternative models meet European Community and International CLC/TR 50504 and ISO 20345 standards. Ask us about custom calibration to other resistance limits. U.S. versions come with a 6-foot cord and 3-pin plug, while other models are supplied with a 3-meter cable for hard wiring.

Sole-Mate Available Models
Part Number
ASTM F2413-05 Type I
1×10^8Ω upper limit, 115-230VAC with USA power plug
ASTM F2413-05 Type II
1×10^9Ω upper limit, 115-230VAC with USA power plug
European Community
CLC/TR 50504
1×10^8Ω upper limit, 115-230VAC*
ISO 20345
1×10^9Ω upper limit, 115-230VAC*
Sole-Mate Accessories
Part Number
Resistance Level Tester
1×10^8Ω upper limit (ASTM F2413-05 Type I; CLC/TR 50504)
Resistance Level Tester
1×10^9Ω upper limit (ASTM F2413-05 Type II; ISO 20345)