Specialized Cameras

Exloc Instruments is a leader in providing video solutions to the petrochemical and other industries that demand cost-effective products. Listed below is a sampling of our certified/specialized product line.

Trailer Systems

  • HD PTZ cameras
  • 24/7 unattended operation
  • Cellular connectivity
  • Remote live video monitoring and camera control
  • Reliable operation in extreme environments


Rapid Deploy

  • Custom features designed with specific location in mind
  • Integrates with existing power or provides own solar or battery power
  • Surveillance or custom inspection models available
  • Wireless or 4G cellular connection
  • Cameras provide a mobile hotspot to increase connectivity of other devices in range
  • Hazardous area options available

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Covert Solutions

  • Designed to blend seamlessly into industrial environments
  • 1-way glass allows unobstructed view for the camera
  • Labeling and design deter tampering
  • Fixed or PTZ models available
  • Megapixel and HD camera options for detailed post-event forensic analysis
  • Wide angle or high powered zoom lens available

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