People and Asset Tracking in Hazardous Locations

Our enterprise visibility solutions use standard WLANs to locate and
manage assets and people in multiple environments—easily leverage your existing plant

WiFi infrastructure by adding exciters, tags, and tracking software.

The system provides iWAP107 HRicite100 powered by aeroscoutindoor and outdoor real-time asset location (RTLS),
long range Active RFID, choke-point visibility, and

telemetry—increasing plant efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Track people for health and safety reasons and quickly account for all personnel in the event of an emergency. Download our guide to the Automatic Mustering & Personnel Location System which includes life raft utilization for offshore oil & gas platforms.

Increase productivity and efficiencies on turnarounds by tracking contractors. You will be able to make sure that you are paying for their services when they are actually on site working. If you are responsible for managing turnarounds, the contractor tracking solutions overview is a very useful guide.

Track valuable assets such as drilling tools and machinery for time saving benefits and loss control. Batches of manufactured product can be tracked through the production and handling process to improve efficiency.

Whether it is for safety, security, or process & asset optimization, we have a Real Time Location System to suit your needs.

itag100 aeroscout

iTAG100 Intrinsically Safe Active WiFi & RFID Tag

  • Factory Mutual: Class I, II, III; Division 1; Groups A-G T4/T5/T6
  • MSHA Approval No. 23-A08006-0
  • MET Canada: Ex ia IIB T6…T4 Ga; Class I Zone 0
  • ATEX & IECEx: II 1 G Ex ia IIB T4…T6; II 2 G Ex ia IIB T4…T6; I M1 Ex ia I Ma
  • Compatible with most leading wireless access points
  • Robust, compact IP67 housing
  • Strap, clip, and other mounting options
  • Battery life up to 4 years
  • Motion sensor for “man down” notification
  • Call button for emergency notification or reporting

iCITE101 Zone 1 Tag Exciter

  • ATEX: II 2 G Ex mb II T4
  • Robust, compact IP66 enclosure
  • 125 KHz ASK modulation
  • Excite tag to send or store message, turn on/off, etc.
  • Range adjustable up to 21 feet / 6.5 meters
  • Chain exciters together to cover large areas or gates

MV5.1 MobileView 5.1 Software

  • Use enterprise visibility data to revolutionize business processes
  • Track tens of thousands of mobile assets in real time
  • Configure and send automated alerts based on context
  • Export reports on asset events and locations
  • Manage resources. assets and named zones
  • Integrate with any third-party application
  • Create customized industry applications
  • Easily access visibility data from Web browsers and handheld devices

Passive RFID tags-montageiTAG500 I.S. Passive UHF RFID Tags

  • Certified intrinsically safe to FM, ATEX & IECEx standards for global application
  • Uses Omni-ID™ patented plasmonic technology
  • Excellent read signal, on, off, and near metals & liquids
  • Longer read ranges than previously available on a passive tag – up to 115′ / 35m
  • Wide range of physical attachment possibilities
  • Extremely rugged and durable construction
  • Broadband operating range enabling global functionality
  • Optimized across 860-960MHz to EPC Gen2 protocol
  • Click here for information on our intrinsically safe hand held RFID readers

Flex HF/NFC Passive Tags

  • Rugged, weather resistant polyurethane tag
  • Compatible with many different rugged smartphones and tablets with built in NFC readers
  • 13.56MHz ICODE SLIx integrated NFC chip
  • Flexible design allows for many different mounting options including zip or cable tie, glue, rivet
  • Can be customized to have asset name or serial number printed on outside

iRFID100 RFID Reader Enclosure System for hazardous areas

The Extronics iRFID100 brings RFID reader technology into the hazardous area, allowing reliable tracking solutions to be implemented in the harshest of environments. When used with Extronics’ extensive iTAG500 range of passive RFID tags, users can safely track and maintain any asset throughout the hazardous area. With up to 4 antenna outputs the iRFID100 provides a versatile solution for multiple read locations with just one fixed reader. The intrinsically safe RF outputs utilize Extronics patented RF Galvanic isolator technology allowing the use of specialist RFID antennas for long read range and excellent read reliability.

The reader is a UHF multi protocol module for long range applications. With programmable output power in 256 steps from 17dBm to 32dBm, the reader can detect tags at distances of up to eight meters. The iRFID100 is fully compliant to the European regulations ETSI EN302208 and EN 300220, and supports Philips UCODE EPC 1.19, ISO 18000-6B and EPC Class1 Gen2.

rfid100 - small (1)

  • Explosion proof certified for Zone 1 and C1D1 installations
  • Read passive UHF RFID tags
  • Up to 10m read range
  • Choice of antenna
  • Choice of installed RFID reader
  • IP66 for industrial environments