Intrinsically Safe PS2 Device Isolators and Serial Data Isolators

EX210 Keyboard & PS2 Isolator

  • FM approved
  • Intrinsically safe PS2 Isolator
  • Galvanically isolated
  • No I.S. ground required
  • PS2 connection
  • Loop-powered by the PC
  • Compact package

Scenario: Installing a PC in a hazardous area can be quite a challenge. The CPU and monitor can be mounted inside a pressurized enclosure, but the keyboard and mouse need to be accessible to the operator. Fortunately, there are a number of intrinsically safe keyboards and pointing devices available, but these must be used in conjunction with an intrinsic safety barrier. Problem: Traditional Zener type safety barriers introduce voltage drop in the connections, and require a high-integrity ground connection to meet code. This can be problematical for mobile equipment, not to mention ground loop issues when data and signal connections are brought together from different systems with different power sources. Solution: The EX210 PS2 Isolating Barrier overcomes these issues by providing galvanically isolated ground-free power and data connections. It hooks up using familiar industry standard DIN plugs and cords, and derives it’s 5V power directly from the PC. The isolator is designed for direct surface mounting inside the pressurized PC enclosure using two screws.