Intrinsically Safe Analog Indicators and Meters

Moving Coil Indicators for Extreme Environments & Hazardous Areas

Sometimes there’s just no substitute for a pointer moving against a scale. Digital indicators are great if all you want is an instantaneous reading of a slow-changing parameter. But when it’s also important to see the rate of change, an analog meter really comes into it’s own.These analog indicators are built around time-honored “Premier” moving-coil jewelled movements providing reliable accurate readings and long life in harsh industrial envirronments. The panel mounting PA Series are available in seven sizes, with intrinsic safety certification available on the 120mm and 172mm versions. The heavy duty field-mounting Model FM4 comes in one popular size with a 100mm diameter dial and is intrinsically safe as standard. Ask us about suitable intrinsic safety barriers.Custom scales and corporate logo imprints are available to order – tell us about your needs.

Record PA Series Panel Mount Moving Coil Indicators

  • Selected models certified intrinsically safe to ATEX directive
  • Seven standard sizes
  • Accuracy to ±1%
  • 240-degree jewelled movement
  • Custom scales & markings
  • Rugged industrial construction
  • Up to IP66 ingress protection

Record Model FM4 Field Mounting Moving Coil Indicators

  • Intrinsically safe and non-incendive certification to ATEX directive
  • Rugged IP66 construction
  • Epoxy coated aluminum housing
  • 5mm toughened glass window
  • 240-degree jewelled movement
  • Accuracy to ±1%
  • Custom scales & markings
  • Ideal for offshore installations